Stabilna wersja Flyme OS dla Meizu MX4

Stabilna wersja Flyme OS dla Meizu MX4

Po 4 miesiącach przerwy udostępniona została stabilna aktualizacja Flyme OS 5 dla Meizu MX4 w wersji międzynarodowej o numerze

W tej wersji systemu zostały usunięte usługi Google. Trzeba je doinstalować ręcznie przez Google Installer (znajdują się w aplikachi Hot Apps)!

Lista zmian Flyme OS


  • Removed GMS from the system – (Users caninstall them from Hot Apps)
  • Added a feature to take long screenshots – (Long press volume key and power buttons)
  • Added a Weather app.
  • Added Hot Apps.
  • Added App Store.
  • Optimized the home screen layout.
  • Improved the system translations.
  • Added multiwindow support for more apps.


  • Added support of overnight update


  • Added a setting item for users to select their country or region.
  • Optimized the Setup Wizard.

Ekran blokady

  • Corrected a lock screen error caused bythird-party apps.
  • Fixed a failure to dismiss an alarm fromthe Lock screen.
  • Added a feature to allow accidental touchrejection when the locked screen is waken up.
  • Reduced the time to launch the camera fromthe Lock screen.
  • Adjusted the unlock prompt at the bottom ofthe Lock screen so that it will be hidden when an album cover art is shown onthe screen.


  • Added a configuration option to displaylarger icons on the Home screen.
  • Added new toggles for VPN, screenshot,hotspot, etc. in Notification bar;
  • Added WLAN Doctor to WLAN page in Settingsto enhance the security of the network;
  • When using 2 SIMs, users can set differentringtones for each SIM;

Panel sterowania

  • Added ‘USB installation manager’ inPermissions to avoid unauthorized installation of apps via USB cable;
  • Added a ‘Clean similar photos’ feature toPurifier in Security to release phone storage;

Ekran główny

  • Optimized the icons display on Home screen;
  • Optimized the cursor when edit an appfolder. The cursor color will dynamically change according to wallpaper color;
  • Optimized the icon size for Bluetoothkeyboard on notification bar;

Centrum użytkownika
Added User Center.


  • Added a “title” field to contactinformation.
  • Added a new feature to copy a number by tapping and holding a call log.


  • Added a feature for users to save an edited photo as a new image.


Oprogramowanie można zainstalować ręcznie na smartfonie.

UWAGA! Przed instalacją producent zaleca wykonanie kopii zapasowej.

Aktualizację możecie pobrać z działu Pobierz Flyme OS.

Jak zaktualizować system opisujemy w naszym FAQ.

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