Grudniowa aktualizacja Flyme OS 5G

Grudniowa aktualizacja Flyme OS 5G

Po długim oczekiwaniu, zespół Flyme udostępnił nam stabilną aktualizację Flyme OS 5 w wersji międzynarodowej dla wszystkich modeli Meizu.

Aktualizacja oznaczona numerem i dostępna jest dla modeli Meizu Pro 6, Pro 5, MX6, MX5, MX4 Pro, MX4, m3 note, m3s, m2 note, m2 oraz m1 note i należy ją zainstalować ręcznie po pobraniu – Flyme OS.

W tej wersji systemu zostały usunięte usługi Google.

Trzeba je doinstalować ręcznie przez Google Installer (znajdują się w aplikachi Hot Apps)!

Lista zmian Flyme OS i

  • Added  Cloud sync services (m1 note、m2、m2 note、MX4、MX4 PRO、PRO5、M3s).

Flyme OS Forum

  • Added Forum App(Please clear user data for this app to be available.)
    (m1 note、m2 note、MX4、MX4 PRO、MX5、PRO5、M3s、M3 note).


  • Added support of multiwindow for Play Store.
  • Refined system translations.
  • Fixed screen display errors for Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian versions.(Right to Left)
  • Fixed occasional disconnection from cellular network when pulling down the notification shade.
  • Fixed unexpected quit when tapping SIMs and Networks in Settings with no SIM card inserted.
  • Fixed failure to switch between background apps by sliding left or right on SmartTouch when the phone was in guest mode.
  • Fixed unresponsive toggles in the notification shade.
  • Improved display of notifications on lock screen to make them easier to read.
  • Cant update or install apps example: 9gag
  • Blank rectangle box in bottom of Snapchat App
  • Fixed a guest mode bug causing the Home screen to flash on and off occasionally after the screen was turned off or went off automatically.
  • Fixed occasional network disconnection when pulling down the notification shade, with the “Data” toggle greyed out and network information absent in the status bar.


  • Improved camera stability.
  • Fixed a bug causing the phone to take photos automatically after the user long pressed on the view finder screen of the front camera and then switched to the macro mode.
  • Fixed absence of GPS icon in the status bar and location information of photos.
  • Corrected error with manual metering in certain modes
  • Fixed occasional fuzzy screen when returning to beautification preview from front camera in GIF mode.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling manual metering in auto mode would cause the camera to switch to another mode.
  • Fixed an issue where, after launching Camera from the lock screen and taking a photo, the keyboard wouldn’t pop up when trying to rename the photo.
  • Fixed failure to preview videos on the phone after taking panorama photos.
  • Fixed unexpected quit of Camera when switching from beautification mode to slow-mo mode.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling “mute” on and back off during a phone call would end the call.
  • Fixed unexpected quit after adding a contact with special characters in his or her name from call logs.
  • Fixed an issue where locking the screen during a phone call would hang up the call when the phone was in guest mode.
  • Fixed unexpected quit when opening a contact with special characters in the name.


  • Fixed incomplete display of themes and wallpapers in the first line in Settings.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where Chinese messages were pushed by mistake.


  • Fixed failure to view the content of certain messages.
  • Fixed failure to load attachments to emails


  • Fixed occasional quit when tapping to open Data Management.


  • Fixed lagging when moving a photo on the wallpaper preview screen to set it as wallpaper.

Zgodność z aplikacjami

  • Fixed failure to install GMS
  • Fixed unexpected quit of Citibank on the Indian version
  • Fixed occasional failure to download apps from Play Store
  • Fixed unexpected quit when long pressing an email address in a Skype message


Oprogramowanie trzeba zainstalować ręcznie na smartfonie.

UWAGA! Przed instalacją producent zaleca wykonanie kopii zapasowej.

Aktualizację możecie pobrać z działu Pobierz Flyme OS.

Jak zaktualizować system opisujemy w naszym FAQ.

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